Page 11 - Cosmic Wealth Code (Jack Wilson) : Flip It & Read It
P. 11

I ended up spilling my guts to Brian about my  nancial situation and how my

                          marriage was on the rocks and just how life felt so heavy in general.

                          Brian told me that he was once married but his wife left him for an engineer who

                          made six  gures at the same space company.

                          You could see the pain on his face when he told the story.

                          And he soberly told me how he only gets to see his daughter every other

                          weekend…which was the toughest part.

                                                That’s when he turned and looked me directly in the

                                                    eye and said I have to tell you about this diary.

                                         MAYBE WE CAN PREVENT YOU FROM

                                                 ENDING UP IN MY SITUATION.

                                                HE TOLD ME THAT IT WASN'T HIS DIARY.

                          Instead, he’d found it one day at the space company he worked at.
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