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But then I was able to charge it and raise its battery level all the way up to full


                          So what if we could do the same thing with our vibrations?

                          Well, the aliens have  gured out what we humans have never been able to.

                          How to keep their vibrations up inde nitely.

                                                            And the easiest way to explain it is

                                                                   using the battery analogy.

                                                   AFTER ALL, IT MAKES SENSE, RIGHT?

                          You need to charge your phone, laptop, Bluetooth speaker, and pretty much

                          everything else in your life.

                          So why wouldn't you need to “recharge” your vibrations?

                          Ok so that makes perfect sense but how did these aliens keep their vibrations up?

                          Well according to the notes I saw, the aliens were trying to create a perpetual

                          vibration machine.

                          It’s a concept we’ve tried to create here on Earth as well.
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