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So that by the time you become an adult, your vibrations are weakened so much

                          that you don't experience an abundant life.

                          Which is why you're living paycheck to paycheck instead of spending your time

                          how you choose…like the 1% do.

                                                  #2: IN MODERN TIMES, WE ARE BORN

                                                WITH LOW VIBRATIONS TO BEGIN WITH.

                          All the toxins, processed foods and modern technology has really screwed us up.

                          All the same stuff that gives cancer, Alzheimer’s, and all these nasty diseases…

                          Is the same stuff causing us to be born with low vibrations.

                          And that’s why we’re starting out behind the 8 ball to begin with.

                          Combine that with the natural decline in vibrations from aging…

                          Things go from bad to worse.

                          And the sad part is we never stood a chance.

                          So, it’s not hard to see why so many of us are spending our lives with low


                           WHICH OF COURSE LEADS TO A STRESSED OUT,

                                      OVERWORKED, UNHAPPY, DEPRESSED,

                                               OVERLY ANXIOUS POPULATION.

                          But what if there was a way to keep raising your vibrations?

                          After all, I bought an iPhone the other day and the battery was low when I  rst

                          opened it.
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