Page 10 - Cosmic Wealth Code (Jack Wilson) : Flip It & Read It
P. 10

There I sat on a bench where another fella was resting.

                          It’s crazy to think about that now but sitting on that particular bench on that

                          particular day…changed the entire trajectory of my life.

                          When I got there, the guy at the other end of the bench was reading a brown

                          leather-bound book.

                          He was so engrossed in it that he didn't even notice me sitting down.

                          He kept mumbling to himself and eventually slammed the book shut and stared

                          off into space.

                          And then just as suddenly he opened the book and started shaking his head and

                          mumbling more.

                          Finally, curiosity got the best of me and I said, “excuse me.”

                          The man nearly leapt off the bench since I clearly startled him.

                          “What do you want?!” he shouted.

                          “Oh, I’m sorry, I didn't mean to startle you…I was just going to ask what you were


                          His eyes immediately got wide and quickly shoved the book into a little bag he

                          was carrying.

                          “Why do you want to know? Did they send you?!”

                          I told him that no one had sent me, I was simply curious.

                          He told me it was a diary and nothing he was interested in sharing.

                                  I WAS LITERALLY HAVING THE WORST DAY OF MY LIFE.

                          So I said why not.

                          And let me tell you what, that joint made me chattier than I’d ever been in my

                          entire life!
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