Page 5 - Cosmic Wealth Code (Jack Wilson) : Flip It & Read It
P. 5

And look, I know this might sound too good to be real.

                          But just wait until I reveal this incredible story to you today.

                          Because once you see it for yourself, you’ll understand that YOU get to write the

                          ending to your life’s story.

                          And that anything is possible once you are able to start attracting wealth and


                          But  rst, let me introduce myself.

                          HI, MY NAME IS JACK WILSON.

                          And I have an unlikely story to share with you.

                          Because until just recently, my life has been pretty unremarkable.

                          In fact, by most people’s standards, it pretty much sucked.

                                                          I was always the “weird kid” in school,

                                                                 so I never had many friends.

                          But instead of being the weird kid that went and got his revenge after high school

                          by becoming rich…

                          I ended up in a career as a janitor.
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