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P. 6

Turns out playing video games and reading comic books doesn't really give you

                          many real-world skills.

                          And I struggled mightily in the “real world” because of it.

                                                         I was living paycheck to paycheck and

                                                                    was barely scraping by.

                          My wife worked part time as a cashier at Target at night.

                          She’d pretty much head out the door for her shift as I was walking in from my shift

                          at the space company.

                          We had to split it up that way because we couldn't afford daycare for our young

                          son, so it was the only way to make it work.

                          But it puts a strain on our relationship because we almost never saw each other.

                          That combined with our  nancial struggles really made life di cult and frankly,

                          pretty miserable for us.
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