Page 12 - Cosmic Wealth Code (Jack Wilson) : Flip It & Read It
P. 12

He was cleaning up a dirty boardroom one night when he came across a leather-

                          bound book that caught his eye.

                          He thought it looked pretty cool, so he shoved it in his bag and forgot about it till he

                          got home.

                          When he got around to looking at it later that night, he realized it belonged to the
                          owner of the space company.

                          Now I’m not going to name him here, but there are only so many billionaires that

                          own private space companies, so I’ll let you put two and two together.

                          For now, we’ll call him “Mr. X.”

                          Now buckle up because Mr. X’s story is about as crazy as it gets.

                          You see, according to his diary, Mr X was abducted by space aliens when he was

                          just 11 years old.

                          Which isn't all that surprising since he is known for his obsession with space


                          And if that weren't crazy enough, the reason Mr. X is a billionaire right now is

                          because of this alien abduction.

                          The diary talks about something called the perpetual vibration method being

                          responsible for all his wealth.

                                        PROVING WHAT SPIRITUAL LEADERS HAVE BEEN

                                                              SAYING FOR CENTURIES.
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